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City: Brooklyn
Country: USA

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Contact Information Allan C. /CEO NU KINGDOM RECORDS (347) 512-5536 email: setheday@yahoo.com MISSION STATEMENT: NuKingdom Records seeks to develop unknown and emerging talents like rappers, singers, and producers. Not just artistically, or musically, but also, fiscally. To structure a label which, would ensure that the artists receive a fair percentage from the proceeds of the music they produce. LABEL BIO: Allan C. conceived of NuKingdom Records in the summer of 1999. Its sole intent, was the promotion of one solo artist by the name of Wayne Braska, who ultimately went on to sign with TruWarier Records started by Indiana Pacers forward, Ron Artest. At first, it was about putting a deal together for Wayne, but the duo soon came to the realization that they would reap a larger reward, if they started their own label. It seemed the best possible way to get the deal and guarantee exposure. Today, NuKingdom manages the group Wise Enemy. Having learned much of the industry, NuKingdom has found the best way to go about the production and operation of its label making it capable of producing entire albums. NuKingdom is now in the process of promoting Wise Enemy, the group that syncs the core talents of the label. They have already completed mixed tape CDs, and are about to launch their first commercial release. CEO, Alan C says, Presently were looking for promotion and distribution. We think that we have the full package organization and personnel to put out the best possible product. NuKingdom brings new energy and flow a freshly inspired vibe with a desire is to impart real positive information about how to get through this life. Promoting a positive understanding of women, as well as how we all relate to one another, and this planet on the political path they illustrate a new way to define the male rapper.

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