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Elliott King


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Elliott King
City: San Mateo
Country: U.S

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Artist Information
Elliott King Acoustic folk rocker Elliott King has embraced music as a constant in life and writes and performs songs that speak from real life. His work conveys honest truths to listeners and does so with songwriting skills that speak straight to the heart. King is an accomplished composer whose moment in the sun is soon to come. Always Around For King, music is the thing that has always been around; it has always been a prime influence in this artist's life. "Music is the one thing that has been there for me throughout my life. Relationships come and go, friends come and go, but music is a constant". Elliott sees music as the ultimate way of tapping into human emotion and communicating it to another. It's a sublime connection between humans. "Music is a great way to express things that you may not feel comfortable expressing through a dialogue".King has discovered that through music you can deal with issues that conversation cannot always ably explore and that sometimes music is the only way of approaching a delicate but necessary idea. "There are some things you just cannot say to people's faces, not even as it pertains to songwriting.King also recognizes music as a way of helping to understand one's emotions."listening to a song that pinpoints what you're feeling in that moment... it makes you feel like it's okay and you aren't crazy. It's so empowering". Digging Elliott King is dedicated to his craft and digs deep into his own soul to find the things he wants and needs to express by way of his music. "I like to just write and write lyrics until I get into this zone.. after i get all the fluff out,that's when I really start digging into myself and hitting the core of what I'm actually trying to convey, what particular instance or person I'm sending my message to". King works hard at finding emotional truths and expressing poignant truths about the human heart in his music. It's part of why listeners will flock to his work when the spotlight hits. Everything All life creates music. That is, everything around us can strike a chord with a musician and that's where the next great song comes from. For Elliott, everything he's ever done or been through stands as possible material for his emotionally impacting songs. People, events, things, the world. all of it counts and all of it is important and he finds in each thing its importance and relates that through his music. Reaching Out Ultimately, he simply wants to be heard. And with his melody-rich and striking compositions, there's nothing standing in his way. King is currently working with A&R Select, the leading A&R firm in Hollywood, CA. Review Elliott Kings melodious and intelligent songs guarantee him a place in music history. **bio written by A&R select**

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