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Yishai Arcadio
Strikes pots and pans, drums and tin cansAmanda von Loon
Pipes+Percussive Melody for ebonys and ivorys

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Harlequin Jones
City: Los Angeles
Country: US

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Artist Information
Harlequin Jones is what happens when vaudeville pianos step into the spotlight with the cross breed of jazz and metal influenced drums. The band was constructed and became a fully functional weapon around 2004 by two mad scientists titled Miss Amanda von Loon and Yishai Arcadio also known as our beloved Sonny Boy in this story. With distance always playing the villain, a year long hiatus fortunately ceased when both parties became full time partners in crime and set up shop in Los Angeles, CA where they fight the good fight and always stay inspired. They've got the virus. They have no choice but to create.

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