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Michael T. Gilbert
Vocalist extrordinaire, sweet rhythm guitarKerry Layne Jeffrey
Guitars, 9th grade vocals

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Mike and Layne
City: Vancouver
Country: USA

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A quiet, sunny day -- circa June 2003. What can only be fate brought together two of the mightiest brotha's known to all humankind; Michael Travis Gilbert, a multi-talented musician and riding lawn-mower pilot, and Kerry Layne Jeffrey, a neo hippy with a retarded sense of humor. What insued were some of the most trying years of either of their lives. Countless attempts at starting a hardrock/metal band seemed to fail so fast, it was as though they'd never even really tried. However, a sense of musicality slowly crept in; something a little more soft, something a little more delicate, not unlike a flower (or Dakota Fanning). What evolved from their hardcore jammaged was a small outlet of quiet, acoustic-guitar driven music. Mike and Layne's street cred was forged from many an improvisational set at their high school during lunch time. They brought their guitars and jammed, soliciting a small following, and as more people came, their confidence began to solidify and they reached their first formal gig; the annual High School talent show. Churning out hits like "Wild Thing," "Mary Janes Last Dance," "Sex and Candy," and...well...that was it, they got their first taste of performing. Once again, their acoustic hijinks took a backseat to the prospect of a full band: Honest Lie(s). This band became their primary focus during the beginning of 2005, and led to some big shows and minor notoriety. But when things began to go sour as summer approached, Layne and Mike were once again back to square one. As they toyed around with hundreds of different band-situations (In all honesty, we could have been a punk band, a classic-rock style band, and even briefly toyed with the idea of playing improvisational funk/blues -- not even kidding), they realized they desperately wanted to keep musically busy and stay on the scene. They jammed on some fun, acoustic-guitar driven music for several weeks and produced a shitty demo entitled "Mike and Layne - Volume 1," (with the prospect that the songs they didn't have time to record would at one juncture or another be recorded in the future). Ever since, they have been forging a musical identity apart from their rough-and-tumble metal roots (refering to Ezekiel 25:17, their metal band, but I am totally not kidding about the improvisational funk/blues thing). Although once at side project status, Mike and Layne have decided to upgrade and make this acoustic project a full-time endeavor. With this in mind, you may want to prepare yourself for some of the most sadly beautiful (sadiful, if you will) music ever to appear in the Portland/Vancouver scene.

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any and all hip-hop/R&B, our friends, any and all METAL!!

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