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Vincent Salcido
BadgerNoah Harkey
BearEmma Harkey
TurtleTravis Michalak

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Japanesian Barbie
City: Tucson
Country: United States

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1: How did the band get started? Travis and Noah started playing freshmen year in high school. Our first song was based of the famous shirtwaist fire of early america. Many women were burnt alive due to few building exits and rising flames. It changed labor laws forever. 2: Who writes the songs? Who sings? Who plays what? (Did you have to kick anyone out before deciding on the lineup that you have now?) Noah writes the majority of songs along with co-writer Travis Michalak. Nobodys opionion is left in the water. We all have our own little ingenious ideas. Vincent Salcido plays the drums, Travis Michalak plays the guitar, Emma Harkey plays the violin and sings back up, Noah Harkey plays the Keyboard and does main vocals. We have gone from having Noah and Travis, then we added drummer John Knott but he went away to college to study recording. We then aquired the lovely and talented Mr. Salcido for our newly trained jazz drummer. About 8 months later Noah's sister Emma, joined the band and completed what is now Japanesian Barbie. 3: How did you (all) come up with the name for the band? What inspired you? Noah and Emma are Japanese and we are all fascinated with Japanese culture. We also wanted a unique name that people would remember. You can't describe it, you just have to listen. We are Japanesian Barbie. 4: Do you (all) have any stories about your experiences? Anything funny or outrageous happen to you yet? Well, last summer we went on a Bookman's World Tour! It was awesome. We enjoy touring. We plan to go on tour this summer for maybe two weeks. We won a battle of the bands contest for all of Tucson and we got to record on the John Lennon bus. Island Records wanted to put us on tour(!), but we are all in school so we denied them. It felt good. We were in USA weeked in every paper in the country. Over the years we have been blessed with free recording and supportive friends and family memebers. 5: What is your goal with this band? Do you want to save the world, be on the cover of Rolling Stone, or is it something to just pass the time? Our goal is to have fun and share our magical music with the world. 6: Tell us about the best show you’ve ever played. When & where? While there is speculation, the best show we ever played was on the planet venus. However, it turned out to be a dream that we all had at the same instance. It was quite peculiar, but we did rock that planet. 7: What trouble have you run into along the way? Is there any time when you thought you were going to break up? We had to get a new drummer. I don't think we have ever feared breaking up. We haven't had that much trouble save for finding time to play shows with our busy jobs and schedules. 8: Who are you musical & non-musical influences? Musical= Weezer, Radiohead, Muse, Buddy Holly, the Postal Service, the Strokes, Chopin, Mozart, The Beatles. Non-Musical= Emily the Cow, Pipe Tobacco, Friends and loved ones, eachother, and lastly but most importantly, Jesus. 9: What bands do you idolize? What bands would you give an arm to open up for? We would never give an arm to open for any band, not even a finger. But, we would like to open up for Weezer or Radiohead for sure. 10: What is the process you usually follow to create a new song? We drink tea and we smell incense. With the exception of Emma, we sit around the fire naked and chant: "it's all very delightful isn't it?" 11: How long has the band been around? Sometimes we ask ourselves the same question:How long have we been playing this stuff? When are we going to grow up? It really is a horrible cycle. 12: Were you friends before you were bandmates? Or did you get together just to play music? We had already been friends for a while. Or brother and sister. We love eachother like family. 13: When your not playing music what are some of your interests? Chess, drinking coffee, listening to music, studying music, spanish, pipe smoking, reading, and hiking naked (with the exception of Emma, who does not participate in our ritual of nakedness.) 14: How long did it take you to put together the album? The album is still in the process of production. It has 16 tracks, it is amazing. It is called "Poka Dotted Zebra Stripes." You should get it because that would be awesome. 15: Do you have a favorite song to play, something that gets everyone in the band going? We enjoy playing Latakia. Latakia is a highly aromatic form of smoking tobacco. It has a fun 1950's flow to it. 16: Do you have a certain order in which you play your songs when you are playing on stage? Not particularly, we generally play what we feel like at the moment. However, we do try to incorporate different music into each show. 17: Would you say that you have some groupies at this time? (What?-Does this question ever yield good results?) We don't have any groupies. 18: If you could pick any place to plat at, where would it be? The colosseum in Rome, Italy. 19: Has the band played at any benefits? Young Life benefits (many times), fibrosis benefits. 20: Do you have an album in the works, and when do you think it will be out? We have an album currently being produced in L.A.,California. We are not sure about the release date. 21: Do you have fun when you play, or do you treat it seriously? Like a job? We have fun sometimes and sometimes we don't; sometimes we can really start to hate one another. 22: What would you like to say to someone who is about to hear your music for the first time? Who are you again?! We are almost completely original. You have not heard anything like it before. It is so weird you can't describe it. 23: Has anyone in the band ever been directly involved in a drunk driving accident? No.

December 8, 2006
4th Ave. Street Fair
Hello, thank you for being our friend. We LOVE you! Come see us play tomorrow, Friday, December 8th at the 4th Ave. Street Fair. We are on the main stage from 3:00pm-5:00pm. There are only 2 stages so it is as easy as 123 to find! With Love, the Japanesian Barbie family
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December 8, 2006
Poka Dotted Zebra Stripes
New album being worked on by John Knott in L.A. California. Save $10.00, It is 16 tracks of heaven.

Radiohead, Shirtwaist Fire, Weezer, saloon, the strokes, muse, smashing pumpkins, the postal service, Emily the Cow, friends and family, and Jesus.

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