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Lil Bone Face
City: Maysville
Country: USA

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LIL BONE FACE THE NAME IS LIL BONE FACE A name is just a name, unless there is a meaning behind that name. Lil Bone Face has the mentality to always have a meaning with everything you do, never do nothing for no reason because if it back-fires in your face you can always look back to see if the meaning for what you did was worth it. Weighing in at only 155 lbs. doesn't mean that his face is boney and that's where the strange name comes from. His brother cut his face when he was at the tender age of four with an electric knife and you could see the bone. His peers soon called him "Bone Face", and soon became a notorious icon througout the city, and passing down respect to his little brother who looks like a replica of "Bone Face", hence the given name "Lil Bone Face". Lil Bone Face also can be broken down into an acronym, Liquor Insane Loc Bangin' On Niggas Everyday Flossin' And Cripin Easily. YOUNG, SMART, & DANGEROUS Lil Bone Face was born and raised in the city of Maysville, Kentucky or also known as Bridge City Maytown where according to the friends of Lil Bone Face says "It's the city of no opportunity.” At the age of 7 Lil Bone Face listened to Kris Kross repeadily everyday learning' every word to every song on there 1 hit album "Totally Krossed Out". Falling in love with rap and also knowing that his brother, Bone Face Real, produced music with his uncle The Soulja, and cousin E-Z-J, he loved it even more. "I sort of what you can say "jumped on the band-wagon" when I first heard rap music. I knew my brother Montee AKA Bone Face Real and a few others in my family did their own thing in music and I looked up to them, so it was only natural as a little kid to follow in the footsteps and try to be that cool." From then on Lil Bone Face soon keep up with his brother and other relatives in his family who made their own music, trying to learn the main facts of the craft to produce his own sound. Lil Bone Face then started recording by the age of fifteen, his sister soon heard his songs and fell in love with them. Soon to let their mom and dad listen and was so proud of their son. Having been exposed to the gang life by his brother and other close relatives, Lil Bone Face has had the run-around with trouble since age of fifteen. Court case after court case Lil Bone Face stayed stubborn and hard-headed flying his colors for a Geer Avenue Crip gang started in Los Angelas California. Mulitple misdomenors and a few felonies on his records made him Infamous rather than famous for his talent in music. Then Lil Bone Face came to see that he had to keep himself occupied rather then out in the streets committing crimes and lavishing off of the gang life. Lil Bone Face gradually came up in the game in 2001 doin his first professional demo in his uncle, The Soulja's studio with his brother Bone Face Real. Lil Bone Face created his own underground label with Bone Face Real entitled Limestone Entertainment. Lil Bone Face started doing more shows and is on the verge to the top. Always doing his best performances at venues, the crowd loves and wants more. Limestone Entertainment started to become more popular with fans stretching the states of Kentucky and Ohio. No matter how many shows Lil Bone Face does he can never get enough of performing. Lil Bone Face had performed in his own home town of course, Cincinatti Ohio, Covington Ky, Morehead Ky, in school, Fort Wayne Indiana and many other places. "Why should I run with a independant label close by when they can't do nothing for me that I can't do for myself. I know exactly how I want things to go so I should be in charge of how it comes out, that's the whole reason me and my brother started Limestone Entertainment." Lil Bone Face had the luck to meet up with the Vice President of Shydog Productions which is a management label out of Muncie & Indianapolis Indiana. Shydog Productions made Lil Bone Face part of the Shydog family from 2005-2006, doing shows in Indiana and being talked about on the radio station was just the beginning. Lil Bone Face was a guest V.I.P at the ABA All-star basketball weekend in Febuary of 2006 networking with various labels and other businesses expanding his music talent. "I miss working with Shydog Productions, I've met a lot of people from working with them. I loved going to work in Miami, Florida at the ABA All-Star game weekend back in Febuary or 2006. Rob from Shydog Productions is my homie to the fullest he's down to Earth he's part of the family as well as his family accepted me as family, I love that dude!" Lil Bone Face has had the luck to open up for mainstream acts such as Pastor Troy, Tech N9ne, Critical Bill, Kutt Calhoun, Big Krizz Kaliko, Ray Cash & DJ Joey Fingaz all within 8 months range. No matter what obstacles get in the way of Lil Bone Face he will strive to get to the top even if it takes all of what he has. "I feel that I'm often bad luck, but then optimism kicks in and tells me I have no where to go but up! And besides ya'll music is all me and I'm all music, I am hip-hop, can you see me working a 9-5?" WHY I SAY THE THINGS I SAY WHEN I SAY THEM! Lil Bone Face has a multiple talents in that he produces, writes, raps, arranges, and mixes his own music in his home studio. He also does all of his promotion, album covers, posters, cd duplications, etc. With all this behind the scenes he has the freedom of being heard on beats with what he wants to say, “I constantly stay on my grind and toes when it comes to music. I feel that if I sleep on this it's only going to hurt me, I have to stay sharp with this craft. People often tell me that I sound different from a lot of rappers. A lot of rappers jump the bang-wagon and do what others are doing, no one gets remembered as a replica” Lil Bone Face had his second album released out in 2005 called "In My Eyes" and was a CD that braught local people into rap. The album has had the streets talking about Lil Bone Face's skill on the mic. It has the feature of the song "On & On". A song deidcated to his cousin Marcus Neal who passed away in December of 2004. The song has had up to 900 song plays a day on Lil Bone Face's website on soundclick. Not to mention this album has a feature of another song called "In My Eyes" which was selected to be a feature on a compilation album called Kid Antrim Music which was played on forty (40) radio stations Nation-Wide and sent to twenty nine (29) independent record labels. "Every song I write and put out has a story behind why I put it out. Nothing I say is ficticious, I say what I mean and I mean what I say because I carefully choose my words before I write them. I like to be me and that's all I know how to be, and I'm perfectly fine with that!"

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