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Marsha Brown Brandon Hills Music/Jandar Records
Milliea McKinney M.I.A Music Publishing
ARELL... Lion King Productions

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City: Cincinnati
Country: USA

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Artist Information
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE... Brandon Hills Music /Jandar Records In Collaboration with Music In Arrangement {M.I.A} Music Publishing BMI LLC... Debuting Their First Album Release Together: Featuring.... Hip Hop Artist ARELL... Pronounced {RL}... 'Alway's Real Expressing Life Lyrically' Who is beleived to be the next Hip Hop Artist to watch. As he climbs the ladder of success. ARELL, delivers a mixture of all urban sounds with a hint of techno flair. ARELL, hails from Cincinnati, Ohio a graduate of 'The Conservatory Of Music' holding a degree in Arts Media. ARELL, is expected to dance into the hearts and living rooms of Hip Hop lovers across the globe as he delivers to us his unique Hip Hop Sound. This will be ARELL'S, first Record deal with Jardan Records and first deal with Publishers Brandon Hills Music and Music in Arrangement {M.I.A} Publishing BMI LLC Where he has earned the title of "Mr. Feel Good"... As his contagious soulful techno sound leaves you dancing and wanting more. Though his name maybe new to the charts he is definetly no ameteur to the stage as he opened shows as a performer of RB group Jonz for Chico debarge and Jagged Edge.His Music will lift and energize you leaving you hooked on his unforgetable sound. ARELL'S style is unique and captures the flavors of all urban music blends with a hint of techno flair. Drenched in ARELL's personality and knowledge of music that becomes an amazing marketable culture current product. ARELL"S Vocals, grooves and production delivered with a master of perfection all created in his Production Studio 'Lion King Productions' His songs are thought to be catchy culture current and captivating. He is sure to start a trend in what will become "THE NEW HIP HOP SOUND" As the melodies harmonies beats and soulful smooth voice will take you into a musical dance of enjoyment. The album ARELL...'Alway's real Expressing Life Lyrically' produced and arranged by 'Lion King Productions' is expected to hit the record store shelves and across the web world- wide this January 2011 Distribution BY: Brandon Hills Music /Jandar Records BMI LLC... CEO Marsha Lynn Brown 3425 Searle County Line Road Brandon WI 53919 martab@centurytel.net www,brandonhillsmusic.com (920) 570-1076 Music In Arrangement {M.I.A} Music Publishing BMI LLC... PO BOX 15242 Latonia KY 41015 mia9327@yahoo.com (859) 307-2185 Produced By: ARELL Lion King Productions arellmusic@hotmail.com

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October 30, 2010

Brandon Hills Music/Jandar Records In Collaboration with Music In Arrangement CutRecord Deal With ARELL and Production Company Lion King Productions. New artist ARELL, will be debuting his album ARELL... 'Alway's Real Expressing Life Lyrically' this January 2011 Thanks to Brandon Hills Music/Jandar Records and Music In Arrangement [M.I.A} Music Publishing BMI LLC The album promises to delight and captivate all its listeners and is sure to win over many fans world wide.

ARELL, Is influenced by all blends of R&B with knowledge of old school sounds that he incorporates with the newer sounds blended in with his own sound melodies and harmonies to design a sound for all ages both culture current and marketable.,

Other Information
ARELL. 'Alway's Real Expressing Life Lyrically' Due to be released January 2011...C2010... all rights reserved... Distribution by: Brandon Hills Music/Jandar Records BMI LLC... Music In Arrangement Publishing BMI LLC... Produced by: ARELL Lion King Productions BMI All inquiries in regard to ARELL should be directed to Brandon Hills Music/ Jandar Records Marsha Brown (920) 570-1076 martab@centurytel.net or Music In Arrangement {M.I.A} Milliea McKinney (859) 307-2185 mia9327@yahoo.com

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