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Lucky Live
19 years old; Born and raised in Inglewood,CA; Loc


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Lucky Live
City: Austin
Country: US

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Artist Information
lucky live [born amber boyd] was born and raised on the same block in inglewood, california right down the street from which use to be the "the great western forum" for 14 years. she is one of five daughters out of both parents. any chance she gets she makes it known where she came from. now is residing in the music capital of the world [austin, texas] for now. upon moving, basketball was her first passion. she lived it, breathed it, and practiced it every single day, before school and after school. moving to austin, she lost sight of basketball and found her new "first" passion in music. she has lyrics written everywhere: many notebooks, on her laptop, in her blackberry etc. lucky live has been writing rhymes since the age of 10 and now at the age of 19, she is considered "blessed" with the mic in her hand. lucky live may be only 5'5 but she has a whole lot of talent. lucky live is also the ceo of nmg [notorious money gang] inc.; she writes, produces and records her own songs. lucky live is heavy into fashion. you often find her in some skinny jeans, big hoops, a fresh pair of sneakers and [maybe a fitted cap to match]. she calls it her "comfortable look". lucky has laid out her goals in this order: win over austin, win over texas, and then win over the country and then win over the world with her music, one step at a time; brainstorming 1 billboard hits in the process. her music can go so many different ways. she considers herself an entertainer not just a rapper. "people ask why i wanted to be a rapper or what made me wanna rap. what a lot of people don't realize is, i have been writing since i was 10 years old. yeah, they weren't all that great but i was still writing. as i got older, i got in touch with my emotions and my words became better. music is more than just a beat to me, its a way to express myself. a lot of people don't know how to express themselves and they keep their feelings inside. i hope to touch millions of peoples lives all over the world. i want people to know me, know my life, and know where i'm headed. i'm more than just a rapper. i'm an artist thats found my canvas. i need everyone's support. thank you"

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