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Jack White Unveils Interactive 'Acoustic Recordings' Timeline
Category: Various Date: September 8, 2016, 11:57 pm Feed: Rolling Stone

Jack White takes fans on a look through his back catalog in a new interactive timeline that focuses on the rocker's upcoming rarities collection Acoustic Recordings 1998 – 2016.

Each of the album's 26 tracks receives a point on the timeline, from 1998's "Sugar Never Tasted So Good" – "Written by Jack White in 1996 on the front porch of his parents’ home when he was approximately 21 years old. White has often claimed he would happily license the song to an advertisement for Nutrisweet or Splenda," the timeline informs fans – to White's version of the White Stripes' "City Lights" that he completed in 2016.

The timeline also details where the official version of the track can be found, photos from the recording sessions, lyrics and, in some cases, the story behind the songs and links to their videos.

For the White Stripes' breakout single "Hotel Yorba," the timeline notes, "Taking its name from a derelict hotel in White’s childhood Southwest Detroit neighborhood, 'Hotel Yorba' coincided with the band’s initial splash in the UK in 2001 and its accompanying video was the first the band ever made. White has been declared banned from the hotel for life for attempting to film said video in the building, while a version of the song was surreptitiously recorded in room 206 of the hotel and subsequently released on a 7" vinyl single."

Jack White Acoustic Recordings 1998 - 2016 is out Friday.

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