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Lisle Engle
City: West Hollywood
Country: USA

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Artist Information
Lisle was born the son of a preacher and a school teacher. He was raised in the bosom of the southern USA... Savannah, GA to be exact. He cut his teeth early as a singer and musician; intent on spreading his thoughts and feelings to a larger, surrounding world. He has taken his experiences, his trials, tribulations and successes; and recorded them in the form of rock and roll songs to find out if there are others out there who are thinking and feeling the same thing. Lisle has played with a number of groups. The Vital Signs were a bar cover band that helped him to make a little side money during high school and keep from having to flip burgers at the local McDonalds or run that wretched slicer at Arby's (no intended offense to the food service industry). By playing in the local scene and knowing all of the club owners, he was able to gain entry (underage) to a slew of great bands including 10,000 Maniacs, Love Tractor, Jason and the Nashville Scorchers, Buddy Guy and John Hiatt. A nice informal education for any wanna-be rocker! Upon his arrival in Boston in 1985, he founded a group named The Promise for which he received enough notoriety to keep pressing for more. In 1989, he moved the band to Los Angeles to try his luck at procuring the ubiquitous “record deal” and found himself in a city mired in big hair bands with more makeup budget than he could possibly afford. Fortunately there was still a cool underground scene happening at the time at clubs like English Acid, The Gaslight, Ragi's and Club With No Name. In 1991, The Promise died an uneventful death... yet was re-born as the hard rock outfit formerly known as HEAD. The band formerly know as HEAD also provided many promising avenues for success, but eventually fell upon exhaustion in their dealings with the corporate machine. Their Major Label debut CD was supplanted with a CD of Ozzy cover tunes and their record deal soon vaporized as well. I refer to this band as "the band formerly known as HEAD", because of legal reasons. We actually sold the rights of the the name "HEAD" to Tina Weymouth and Jerry Harrison of the Talking Heads and are thus: unable to discuss this situation any further... Moving on... Lisle developed his many talents working on a CDROM game called “Welcome To The Future” (circa 1994) which brought a million dollar paycheck. In short order, however; the cash was quickly squandered by an irresponsible business associate and fortunately, Lisle found himself out of the video game business and back on the right track, writing thoughtful music for an enlightened audience. Lisle returned to Los Angeles after his ill-fated excursions to "nowheres-ville" Florida. He resumed his work in the field of post production sound design. His credits include Austin Powers, Vanilla Sky, Blade 2, Session 9, Almost Famous, Kill Bill 1-2, Mulholland Drive and many others too numerous to mention here. Lisle is a three time MPSE Golden Reel Winner and an Emmy Nominee for sound design. He is currently working as a re-recording mixer for such notable shows as Alias, CSINY, Men In Trees, Dirt, and the current summer series on AMC, Mad Men. Also the singer of a truly great rock band, he plays with some of LA’s finest musicians and recently has released a CD of his songs from the last 10 years entitled “California Miles.” A quick inspection should provide a most original sound and engaging lyrical content for the discerning listener. Combining influences from Pink Floyd to Peter Gabriel to U2; Lisle has composed a collection of works through personal experience that should both convey thoughts and capture emotions that most of us as human beings on planet Earth should find easily familiar.

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Dave Matthews, U2, The Police, Pink Floyd, Snow Patrol, REM

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