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Country: USA

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DAY DAYíS BIOGRAPHY My name is Day- Day, thatís my street name I had for life and thatís my artist name. No disrespect I had that name way before the movie Friday came out, and every since the movie came out everybody want to advertise that name. But am the original Day-Day. Iím from the streets and am an all around hustler. And the life I live is to damn real, thatís why I slow down for I want get myself kill. Iím a wise man and I been through a lot of ups and downs. Iím from Dade County, MIA, straight from Over town out of Swamp City Project. I ainít just jump off the porch or am not new to this, I been hook on this lifestyle. But Iím trying to have a better life and a career cause I been there and done that. Iím trying to do positive things and the music I write is based on life and also some of my music is entertainment, but itís still based on life. I talk about the good and bad side of life. So why should I hide my music from the world if itís based on life. Iím a creative person with my music. I started rapping and writing lyrics when I was 8-years-old, thatís when MJG & Eight Ball came out with the song ďStrong arm RobberyĒ. I have been recording couples of tracks when I was 12-years-old, thatís I have on wax to this day that I have. When I was 17, I was at this school called Bay Point, that I was order from the Court Of Law sentenced me to attend. I had to live on the campus to improve my behavior and step up to different levels that they had in the program. When I had got to a certain level, my counselor had a program going on with me and a couple of guys, we made 2 tracks called ďMy LifeĒ part 1 & 2, also a video for one of them tracks. Itís a positive song that you can relate to. When I was 19 and 21, I recorded some tracks that I have own wax. My first time that I actually been to a real recordable studio when I was 24, I can freestyle and write lyrics. My first time performing was at the Cultural Art Center when they had the underground B.E.T Comic View, I open up the show with the song that I called ďDa Run UpĒ, at the end of the show the audiences and the person who promoted me to perform liked my performances. Now that Iím 26-years-old, still writing music on and off. I didnít really had to much support with my career that I wanted to achieve in the industry, the older I got the more I start learning more about the business. I wanted to be an independent artist and own an independent record label company, in also I didnít have the right peoples in my life to show me the ropes in the industry, to support and guide me. Now that I discover a record label call Trill Life Records since 2000. The music that I make people can relate to and should understand where Iím coming from. In Iím a very talented person. Now Iím trying to do the right thing to make a change, because I been getting in trouble and doing wrong most of my entire life. Now I wanna give back knowledge that I learn growing up from the streets back to the peoples. Iím not a perfect man; I made a lot of mistakes in my life. What I done seen learn and did in my life, I can speak and teach one another because I have experience a lot of things in my life.

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2pac,MJG&8Ball,Dr.Dre, Snoop Dogg, Bone Thugs & Harmony, NWA, Hot Boys, Scarface,and THE Ghetto Boys.

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