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DrummerWoodrow Lin

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Woodrow Lin
City: New York City
Country: U.S.A.

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Woodrow Lin is a cross btn Sly and The Family Stone, James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Led Zepplin and Alice in Chains. We have complete control over all our projects. We record, produce and engineer all our albums. Our musicianship has been compared to the great bands from the late sixties to early seventies. Our peers say our music is Zappa-ish and makes people want to dance, and get intimate! Woodrow Lin is slinky and extremely funky!!

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December 8, 2006
Just Some of My Thoughts
Life’s been crazy….. I just finished our latest album- ‘Love Screams War”, so I’ll have more time to spend here. This album was recently mastered by George Marino; for those of you who don’t know of George, he mastered Led Zepplin, Stevie Wonder & John Lennon, just to name a few…. What a cool cat!! Totally not what I expected!! He is definitely all about the music!! I think my mixes threw him off in the beginning though!! Haha…. When people start using the word “unorthodox”, you know they’ve just seen the loop. LSW was recorded in 4 different locations and in four different formats. Unorthodox maybe, but it sure fell together nicely!! ;) So the question is: “Can an artist who dose not go the route of signing with a record company succeed?” Correction: A Broke Ass Musician!! If so, for “how long?!” Let me tell you all a bit about the music industry, if you don’t already know…..The major record companies have all the pull… which means, they believe without their “connection” and all the “investment”, there is NO WAY any musician can make it big!! Well…. I can tell you this, I’ll hold out as long as possible!! Call me stubborn for not taking the “sweet deals” offered by major record labels; I’m not much on the ‘front’. I like to keep things real! When artists are signed to majors, they basically have no say to ANYTHING, especially when they are new!! I’m not interested in being any ones puppet! Would you make a different decision if you were me though…………? W.

Woodrow Lin is a cross btn Sly and The Family Stone, James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Led Zepplin and Alice in Chains.

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