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Candy Gurl

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City: St. Louis
Country: United States

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Artist Information
YUNG RO, two time billboard rap artist, hailing from the Midwest is emerging from the indie ranks. This teen rap star has gained national attention and achievements. He has worked with many industry producers even Grammy nominated TrakStarz. YUNG RO is known for his strong business ethics,and diverse cultural background(Black,Japanese,and Latino. Being the CEO of BPENT,a 16yr company based in downtown St.Louis Mo, the young entertainer enjoys capitalizing of his heart throb marketability. BPENT umbrellas Black Pearl Tattoos, a recording studio, and a youth awareness program Runway2Empowerment. YUNG RO has been developing his skills since age 16. As a young artist, he is incorporating trend and merchandising into a forth coming project. A album called "IDEOLOGY OF A TRENDSETTER" which has all the elements of success. Singles like Candy Gurl, Fresha Den A Mall, and Hot Pursuit is sure to keep music heads bobbing. For more info go to www.bpent.net

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October 3, 2010
The teen phenom rap star, YUNG RO, has just put the final touches on his project, his forth coming album titled IDEOLOGY OF A TRENDSETTER. He branded it a project because the young business mogul expressed how he incorporated music, merchandising, and endorsements into it. YUNG RO says the project has all the ingredient of a trendsetting movement. As a teen having trendy concept is essential for a successful career. The album boast of a list of dance tracks, female download tunes, and heart felt tracks that assure all fans will get a personal insight on YUNG RO. All the tracks fall in place like a puzzle. Fresha Den A Mall, a intoxicating vibe, sets up the homerun for Candy Gurl. Both songs illustrate the importance of fashion and merchandising in a industry capitalized by young consumers. YUNG RO clearly shows that females are his target audience. However he displays a bit of hardness with his true life tracks like Glass Shattered and Wash My Hands. Glass Shattered is a testimonial of YUNG RO experiencing of being shot this past Nov at a St.Louis nightclub. PURSUIT is a cutting edge joint which resurrect the old CB ten codes and language which was popular in the early 70s. Push It Back is a club moving track which features JIVE RnB sensation Tydis. FED X is a song that will definitely invade female bedroom cd radios. YUNG RO created a line of trendy t-shirts branded HOOD CLASSIC CANDY www.candygurl.org upping the stakes on his capital. IDEOLOGY OF A TRENDSETTER contains the elements of education, fashion, and feeling good. Something that most today music lack. Be on the look out the FALL of 2K10 for the teen phenom masterpiece.

TI, NELLY, J Cole, JayZ

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